Daniela Jandova was born in the Czech Republic 1978, she has been living abroad since the age of 19.
She has been interested in art and painting  since childhood.

In Granada Spainshe graduated art school then The College of Interior Design.
Restoration of furniture and interior design is her other passion and it would be hard to count how many old and damaged cabinets, tables and
drawers have had new life breathed into them again. These have now become unique pieces of furniture in many homes.

Her sense of detail and color can also be seen in her paintings.

Over the years Daniela has created a particular painting technique with pictures on canvas.
with this technique, she applies a variety of original material. She works with acryllic, oil, rubber and latex.
She also uses gold leaf, tree roots, laces, old pattern painting rollers or she uses whatever will fit inot the composition of the work.

In her paintings she represents pensive and dreamy girls and womens faces faces in which she transmits her own feelings and state of mind.

Her delicate works are mostly in bright tones.
Observers could be totally stunned from afar by the technique but during closer inspection you can see the inspiration and sophistication in every
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Daniela Jandova