How I Met the Artist
By Mika Tenhovaara.

I got to know Hawk, or Håkan as he was christened, in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. His apartment
on Katarina Bangata was filled with large, peculiar oil paintings that immediately appealed to me. No doubt
about it - he was simultaneously one of the strangest of the surrealistic painters that I'd seen, and very gifted
as well.

I remembered a dream I'd had several years earlier of similar, large paintings with people in weird,
inexplicable situations, just like Hawk's paintings. A glimpse of the future perhaps.

Hawk left the chilly Swedish climate behind a few years later to find a more receptive audience in the USA. He
ended up in New York, where he now lives with the American photographer Mia Hanson. And he became "the
darling of the New York underground art scene". (J. Sedley in New Art International, Vol. III, Book Art Press
Ltd., Woodstock, NY),

Hawk Alfredson is a very productive artist who creates paintings in a never-ending stream, but amazingly they
always have the same ability to surprise. Somehow, he always finds something previously unseen to paint.
And yet I find them somehow familiar, something I've seen in a forgotten dream.
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Hawk Alfredson
Hotel Chelsea Artist
"Window of Lucifer"
Size: 40" x 30"
The Enigmatic Mr. Clare
oil on canvas
24" x 21"
"Marty's Cool Stuff & The Weird Fatal
Sisters"  Size: 53" x 44".
"The One-Eyed Angel Of Your Rising Moon"  Size: 38" x 30".
Icon for an Unknown Religion I
fine art giclee' print
(based on an original canvas by alfredson)
"Players Of Strange Meaningless Games""  
Size: 34" x 30".
"Strindberg in Ferno"   Size:24" x 30"
Ozone Ooze Zone Zoo Zoom
oil on canvas
79 " x 59"
"Palm Lovers Arranged By The Sky"  79" x 59".
Circlings V
oil on canvas
11,5" x 9,5"
The Dragon's Mreath
oil on canvas
16 " x 12"