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Holly Suzanne Rader
Glamour Girls are inspired by my wonderful obsession with retro bombshells, lusty pin-ups and the
timeless Hollywood divine. Each one is dripping with flirtatious fun. I layer paint, sequin, glitter, decorative
papers, confectionary recipes, and glaze each surface with a gloss resin for a "candy coated" sex appeal.
These girls are truly irresistable
Born in Bristol, Tennessee, Holly Suzanne is a graduate of Virginia Intermont College, where she studied
painting, graphic design and dance. She completed her MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design with a
concentration in painting as well as studies in printmaking and fiber arts.
From 2002 to 2003 she studied and lived abroad at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Provence. In 2006, she was
commissioned by Savannah College of Art and Design to create a series of wedding gown paintings in honor of
designer Vera Wang for the Fashion Gala in Atlanta, Georgia. Her most notable exhibition is “Women by
Women” at the Mona Bismark Gallery in Paris, France. There, her collaborative “Presense of Absense”
exhibition was shown amongst six other women artists including renowned photographer Joyce Tennesson.
Public and private collections of her work are continuously displayed in Atlanta, Savannah, Miami, Puerto Rico,
New Jersey, New York City, and Lacoste, France and Hong Kong. She has also been featured in The Atlanta
Journal Constitution, Cottage Living Magazine and The New York Times.
"carole lombard",
6x6", laser print,acrylic, glitter on canvas
The Paper Dress Collection
Paper Dresses
I feel that the dress is more than a garment. It tells a story. This collection is inspired by nature, poetry, fairytales,
historical heroines, daydreams and other romantic notions. Each one, not only serves as a sculpture, but also sits
upon a round box base, perfect for small storage. They are constructed from papier mache -pages from vintage books
(painted and varnish sealed), giclee drawings, clip art, buttons, hand formed wire hangers and other found
adornments. Custom pieces also available.
Flutter Dress
Wanderlust Figures
Small Town Girl
“Sojourner of Heart”-
"Some Girls Wonder by Mistake"
Wanderlust Figures are created with clay,
vintage paper, books and found objects. I use
photo imagery of both personal and fictitious

I often reference the wonderous spirit of
Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz". Her
"runaway" character relates to many young
women, including myself, who embark on life's
journey carefree, imaginative, and hopeful of
finding her unique identity only to discover it
is a bittersweet struggle to hang on to her
original spirit.

With each chapter, she gathers new ideas,
inspirations, disappointment, heartache, love
and joy as it becomes a beautiful load to carry.
I am just too much
diptych 48”x48”
laser jet print, acrylic, glitter, wallpaper, sequin, resin on wood
Elegance is refusal
48” x 24”

laser jet print, acrylic, sequin, resin on
A wise girl

acrylic, laser jet print, glitter, enamel
on wood
Photo Credit
Mangue Banzima for
Photo Credit
Mangue Banzima for
Photo: John Mathias
Photo:  Danny Sanchez Photography
Hand made Paper Dresses
By Holly Suzanne Rader
Photo:  Danny Sanchez Photography