Karen Robb is a Canadian visual artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied at the University of
Manitoba School of Fine Arts over twenty years ago intending to forge a career as an artist, but life
had other plans. Twenty-two years later, following a career in Floral Design and a stint of running a
Home Daycare, Karen finally found the confidence to devote all of her creative energy to her art.

"I am not particularly comfortable with labels. So, while others might describe me as a Contemporary
Abstract Expressionist, I see myself simply as an artist whose influences span many different styles
of art: the Abstract, Modern, Fauvist, Post-modern and Pop Art movements. I am a Colorist who has
been undeniably seduced by the Fauvist ideals and forms."

"Architectural designs are often the inspiration for some of my pieces. I find myself exploring the
interplay between shape, line, form and space. My imagination follows the path that my brush takes
me on until I finally discover where a piece is taking me. When a dance emerges between these
different forces and converge to complete the final image, I know that the work is finally done." "In the
last year, the study of nature, everyday objects, daily events and personal stories have been the
influences that have driven my creativity. My job has become to convey these inspirations to the
viewer. As I work to share my insights about the world around me, I look to reveal the relationship
between architectural design, art, nature and the female form. My hope is that these influences may
spark the imagination of the viewer and take them onto another journey." "It's been for me a
fascinating and rewarding process."
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Karen Robb
For sales and more information contact: Marina Reiter President Studio 26 Gallery Email: info@studio26nyc.org
Phone: 646 403 0257
the night cap
Taylor Made
with style and grace acrylic on canvas
20x20 2013
the lake house
growing together
acrylic on canvas 48x48
the story tellers
acrylic on canvas 4x5 feet
the drifter
acrylic on canvas
touch of glass
acrylic on canvas 36x60
is this your card?
acrylic on canvas 18x24 private collection
Face off
acrylic on canvas 30x40