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"Paolo Rivera"
Mythos: Captain America, page 18 spread
Marvel Mystery Comics Cover
White Queen
Paolo Rivera
(Artist - Amazing Spider-Man)

Paolo Rivera, a Marvel-exclusive artist, has been working professionally since 2002. Although he began his career as an oil painter, he has
since moved on to penciling, inking, and coloring (not to mention sculpting). Rivera was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL, and
graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003, where he studied under David Mazzucchelli, among others. He broke into the
comics industry thanks to writer Jim Krueger, whom he met at Megacon in Orlando, FL (while he was still in high school).

Rivera's best known work is Mythos, a series of six richly-painted origin stories written by Paul Jenkins. Originally published as one-shots, it
was collected into a hardcover edition in 2008. He now limits his painted work to covers such as The Twelve, The Iliad, and the Wolverine
Art Appreciation Month series. He spends the remainder of his time on The Amazing Spider-Man, on which he is currently hard at work. You
can see his art and take an in-depth look at his creative process at, a blog that he updates regularly.  

About the Blog:

The Self-Absorbing Man is a blog I started in 2007 to serve as both a comprehensive catalog of my artistic process as well as an up-to-date
record of my comic book career. I post at least 3 times a week, including my most popular feature, Wacky Reference Wednesdays, in which
I display my artwork in conjunction with the photo reference used to make it. The photos, often of myself, are usually embarrassing and,
therefore, humorous.

The rest of the posts concentrate on new artwork, technical tips (with the occasional theoretical musings), and any upcoming events in
which I plan to participate, from lectures to signings to comic conventions. I welcome comments and suggestions, making an effort to reply
within a day. Also, I tag all posts with a limited number of labels to facilitate browsing in a particular subject. Basically, I try to make a blog
that I would want to read, so I hope you'll find it worthy of your time.
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