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Huang Xiang is considered to be one of the greatest poets of
20th century China and a master calligrapher.  Huang Xiang
spent over twelve years in Chinese prisons and endured much
hardship for writing his lyrical, free-spirited poetry and for
his advocacy of human rights in China.  His inspiring story
has been the subject of an award winning PBS documentary
and his heroic pursuit for freedom and democracy in China
has been documented in the book, 'Coming Alive; China After
Mao' . He has been described as a 'poet on fire' a human
torch who burns
as a lamp of freedom and enlightenment.
Jack  Kerouac
Wolfgang  Amadeus Mozart
Albert Einstein
Isabella Duncan
William Rock is both a citizen of Ireland and the U.S.  He studied
drawing at The California Art Institute and taught himself to paint and
sculpt by travelling to museums around the world.  He has been
immersed in Eastern thought and practice for fifteen years,
studying and teaching with Tibetan and Chinese monks.  In 2006 his
'transcendent' paintings inspired a month long arts celebration held in the
USA entitled 'Spirit Unfolding'.  
William Rock's art has been displayed in museums in California and
Pennsylvania and he
has taught and spoken extensively on the nature of creativity, mysticism
and art.  He has
been instrumental in producing several cultural events that promote and
embrace art
as a connective dialogue for humanity.   

Robert Frost
Martin Luther King
Lao Tzu   
Emily Dickinson
Aurthur Rimbaud
Huang Xiang & William Rock
The Century Mountain Project
The ongoing collaborative artwork between Huang Xiang
and William Rock  is a celebration of the vast potential in
each one of us.  It has no cultural, gender or race
After a subject is discussed and selected, William Rock
will paint it and Huang Xiang will add his poetry with
masterful calligraphy.  They share an inherent trust of
spirit which allows them to create art that unites,
connects and celebrates humanity.