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Kat Griefen, Director • email • gallery hours Wednesday through Sunday • 11am to 6pm
111 Front Street • #228 • Brooklyn, NY 11201 • phone 212.255.6651 • fax 212.225.6653

A.I.R. GALLERY – Advocating for women in the visual arts since 1972
Focus on the Flat Files
Affordable Works on Paper by A.I.R.’s Artists
Chinese Family, 2010, ink, 9 x 10 inches
Lost and Found

NYC member Francie Shaw‘s pen and ink renderings feel both
intimate and global. Her exhibition Weights and Measures,
currently on view in Gallery II, explores issues of attachment and
loss, war and renewal. Stop by the gallery during the month of
April to see the show, and all seven pieces in the flat files ranging
in price from $250–$350. Take a look at Shaw’s Flat Files
In 2004 Francie illustrated Playing Bodies in collaboration with poet Bob Perelman. The
book‘s fifty-two drawings laid the groundwork for the light/heavy theme amplified in
Weights and Measures. For more information about this intriguing book click
A.I.R. Gallery‘s Flat Files now carry the work of almost thirty artists.
Prints, photographs, collages, and drawings show the breadth of our
community. Please ask the staff to show you these dynamic works on paper,
and consider choosing a gift for yourself or a friend.
Famous Friends,  2010, ink, 9 x 10 inches