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Everything is born of the need to answer
the call of the subconscious.
To open a channel where I can emerge, and bring forth
these dream images that come to my mind.
I try to illustrate a confusing message,
which will take effect over time.
My work reflects a
personal universe that is embraced
with Dada and Surrealism kisses.

Bright colors, nature, humanity and the spark that gives
life, are the protagonists of this in my work, which is
constantly evolving.
My hands are always filled with spray paint, croped
images, drawings, paint on paper, canvas or digital, I try
not to have any structure.
My work is an invitation to travel without movement and
feel without touching.
I was born in Buenos Aires in 1982.
In my teens, I made posters and flyers illustrations for
punk rock bands from Argentina.

At age 22 I moved to Berlin, where the explosion of
street art and the constant movement of underground
influenced me and encouraged me
to climb higher and dig deeper.

The idea is to use the collage as a primary weapon,
superimposing images evoking dreamlike scenes.
Several years ago I live in Barcelona, ​​where I found a
perfect habitat to develop my work.

Presently I have just had my first exhibition in the United
States in the
Cave Gallery in California,
in a group show of art inspired
by the band Pixies.
Ale Siniestro