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Romeo and Juliet
Queen of Hearts
20 year old digital artist based off Split, Croatia. Currently working as a freelancer specialised in
photomanipulation, mixed media and high-end commercial retouch. I started with graphic design around
5 years ago, editing photos simply for the fun off it, soon enough it became my biggest passion, and it
didnt took long before I realised that this is what I wanted to do for living. Ever since then I have worked
hard to polish my skills and create my own personal style. I am completely self-taught, since my small
country does not offer any programs related to digital art, and online classes were out of a price range
for a 15-16 year old kid. Today I am very proud of what I have acomplished, but as a perfectionist, I am
still learning and experimenting. During the years I had the pleasure of working with many creative
individuals, from models and photographers, my work has been featured all around the web and
art-related magazines.
My biggest wish, and what I am aiming for in the future is to
maybe work for publishing companies, as a cover artist.
Even If The World Ends
I found my Light
Black Swan
The Clock Ticks Life Away
Fire Within Me
Ana Oxy Fagarazzi
Field Of Innocence