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Diane Arbus
Angelo Cricchi’s imaginary portraits represent the artist's
way to visually relate extraordinary people who no longer live
or, in the case of fantasy characters, have never lived.
In the manner of Plutarco's "Vite parallele," Borges's "Aleph"
and many other writers, Mr. Cricchi reinvents images, filling
them with his fantasies and intuitions.

In the main body of his work, called "Gloomy Sunday
(imaginary portraits of women who chose death)," Mr. Cricchi
reinterprets the final act of such women as Sylvia Plath, Ann
Sexton, Madama Butterfly, Edie Siedgwick, and Frida Kahlo,
to name a few.  Another work entitled, "Misty Beethoven
Erotic Parade," focuses Cricchi's eye on the erotic
reproduction of the iconography of his desire: Lolita, Dali's
Dream of Venus or Lili de Maupin, and others.  His latest
project just begun is called "Et amare amabam" ("we loved to
love") from St. Augustine's "Confessions."  It concerns the
representation of the relationship between flesh and
holiness. Imaginary portraits of Catholic martyrs, Greek and
Egyptian gods, Brazilian and Cuban Santeria will be
displayed in diptych format.
Frida Kahlo
Lolita Open
Magda Goebbels
Midnight Lotus
Saint Agata
Virgin Suicide
Angelo Cricchi was born in Rome, Italy. After a long
career as a professional athlete, his passions turned
to photography.  As a successful fashion
photographer of prominent international clients,
magazines and celebrities, Cricchi created his own
company, Lostandfound Studio.  His artistic
photographic work paralleled his commercial
photography career. From 2001, Cricchi collaborated
with Silvia Morani to direct short movies, art videos  
and fashion films projects.

After the "Gloomy Sunday" exhibition at MAK in Wien
(2009), Cricchi left his position in fashion
photography to realize his passion and talents in fine
art photography. His works have been exhibited in
public and private institutions in Italy and Austria.
Charlotte Salomon
Mak Museum Night
Angelo Cricchi