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"eating clouds"
"alice nel paese di squittology"...
(presto una scansione degna ù__ù...a casa non ho lo scanner A3 sigh)
la volontà del grande scoiattolo!! ave!!!
oil on canvas, 50x70cm
"Tame Me"
Le Petite Prince
oil on canvas, 20x30cm
Ania Tomicka
Ania Tomicka was born the 2nd of may 1985 in Lodz, a
big city in Poland. She started  elementary school there
and after three years she  moved to Italy. In that year,
when she was only 9, she started to draw seriously, first
mangas and after 2-3 years, realistic things.
After primary school she went to an art institute and
graduated in  2004. In these 5 years she started to paint
with oils, that soon became  her favourite technique and
The same year she started the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where she found a lot of inspiration
for her realistic and academic art. One year later she moved to Florence, and began to attend the
Academy in this city. She became interested in other things like digital art, illustrations, and new
materials like wood.
"Chocolate Squittology"
oil and gold leaf on canvas
19x24 cm (7,48x9,44 inch.)
she will now  try to finish art school and after that she will attend an illustration
school for 2 years. She lives with her boyfriend and two silly dogs in Prato.