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Art 101 Presents
Xanda McCagg
Oil ,Graphite,Collage  on Canvas
“A Touch”
Oil ,Graphite,Collage on Canvas
At the core of my work is a fascination with the human
experience. I consider systems of human behavior in
relation to larger happenings: poverty, war, systems of
control and understanding, government, and religion vs.
mythology. As an artist, I observe and comment on the
human condition on both a global and an intimate level. The
dichotomies we are effected by and that which define us are
the root and structure behind the work: how we are
connecting or being ripped apart, what we have or lack,
when we are strong vs. weak and aware or oblivious, here in
the present and then gone.
“Influence” SOLD
Oil ,Graphite,Collage  on Canvas
Oil ,Graphite on Canvas 16inx14in
My interest lies in of how a subtle or vast shift alters
relationships.  My work continues to explore the fine line
between perception and imagination of these relationships
through an articulation of compositional effects. Using line
and form, I determine how much or how little information is
necessary to communicate these shifts
“Seeing Note ”
Oil ,Graphite,Collage  on Canvas
Although abstract, my work is
influenced by formal principles. I use
these principles both literally and
metaphorically as the vocabulary with
which I develop my compositions
Oil ,Graphite on Canvas 60inx40in  
Oil ,Graphite on Canvas 36inx36in  
Oil ,Graphite,Collage  on Canvas
Oil ,Graphite on Canvas 36inx36in
Oil, Graphite,Collage on canvas
50 x 50 in
Oil and Graphite on Canvas