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Kathleen Chen NYC
Chrissy Croft Miss Albany
Air Power
Arthur Eisenberg
I love New York City – every day is another adventure;
I have been shooting since I was about 8 years old.  
The Big Apple - what will you find, who will you meet.
Im often surprised at how small NYC is in that you often meet old
friends just walking around town.
My passion is people. Street or models or events –
its all about the people.

There is such wonderful diverssity here in the Big Apple it is hard
to imagine.  

Born in Brooklyn, grew up on Long Island but went to college
upstate and swore Id never come back to the big dirty noisy
crowded rathole, but now that I am here I love every day: another
day, another adventure.  

I shoot the street, fashion, events – in studio and on location.
Its hard to say which I love more.