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December 2009 is an important milestone in San Francisco-based artist Jenn Porreca’s career. First off, the painter will be
showcasing new paintings during Scope Miami with UK-based gallery Mauger Modern as part of the “There’s Still Life” show. Next month, she’
ll grace the walls of Opera Gallery in New York City with six outstanding new pieces of artwork.

Jenn Porreca is interested in the human quest for beauty as a vehicle for power and how this concept plays out in our daily lives, frees us at
times, and also binds us to material things, to people. “I'm interested in the vanity of humankind,” she explains.

On Aesthetics:
Porreca draws her inspiration from multiple cultures in history through fabric patterns, fashion, wallpapers and color palettes. Porreca’s new
modern paintings are self-portraits in a sense, but also reflections of the world around us; a mix of cultures and race, a reflection on the
painter’s personal life, travels and experiences.

“On any given day, I'm on a wild hunt for fabric patterns from the 1930s and 1940s from Shanghai, or Russia - or am obsessed with Zhostovo
painting, or kokeshi dolls. I just research where the world takes me. I also very much enjoy leafing through swatches of old wallpaper to get a
sense of the history of a country.”

“My influences are heavily European and Asian, my love of pantomimes, street performers, and fashion and performance arts. I'm painting my
life, my interest in myth, and also the struggles of women in a modern society,” Porreca says.

Last year, Porreca spent a month and a half in the Philippines. The colors of the shanty towns had a huge impact on her life – and her
artwork. “They were built with these beautiful cinder blocks with intricate patterns reminiscent of Spain, but planted in Asia,” she states.

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Contact: Vivianne Lapointe
Tel : 646-234-6316