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When the maestro taps his baton bringing the orchestra to attention he retains concentration and confidence knowing that the music has been
written and all that’s left
Is to bring the elements and instruments together to create a musical masterpiece.

Once again tapping into the subject what is art?  
The Answer – well its deep, or maybe simple,
I would like to think art is the result of hard work
and talent coming together at the right place at the right time.
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©copyright Francesco Barion
Upon entering through the large wood framed glass doors of Bice Ristorante midtown
7 East 54th street right off the corner of the  glamorous 5th Avenue  I was greeted by
Peter Guemarez a dapper distinguished looking gentleman, and when he smiled at me  and shook my hand I had the assured feeling of confidence, like
I was in the right place at the right time. He brought me to a table in the spacious main dining room which was dressed in crisp white table cloths  and
had a rustic Italian country house feeling that added to the friendly family style mood that I was now easing into.
After bustling through Times Square I was thrilled to be in this nice cool open airy space about to embark upon a meal that I would not soon forget.  
I asked for a cold peroni to get started with a few wedges of fresh lime.
Then a lovely woman came and introduced herself Kara Kenney director of marketing and pr. We sat together and began to talk about what BICE was
all about and after about five minutes I felt like I was with a distant cousin sharing a drink over some interesting fun conversation.  After finding out a little
about the history of BICE Ristorante and its many other locations she proudly introduced Sous Chef  Eric Rucinski and said I would be in great hands
with him. He was sweet and efficient two quality's I find prevalent in many artists. He asked that I leave it up to him and that he had the perfect menu
lined up for me and with that he smiled and headed for the kitchen.

This was a late dinner on a Sunday night so Kara had some business to attend to in closing the restaurant for the night.  The next member of the staff to
greet me was Garman Carmago my waiter for the rest of the evening and with an accent that leaned
between Italian and Spanish began to tell me about a few of the wines that might go best with the selection of diverse tasting dishes that were on the way.

The dinner started with a beet salad.
Red and yellow roasted beets dressed in  olive oil and white wine poached pear, arugala,
green beans. Garnished with a balsamic reduction and brought together with freshly made ricotta cheese.
This was followed by Casoncelli with veal and prosciutto stuffed ravioli served with a truffle rosemary sauce. This savory warm filling dish was like the
mid section of the concerto leading me through the gradual changes of this culinary masterpiece.

A seafood risotto was the next dish also on the heavy side ( I am glad I brought my appetite to this restaurant because after the Casoncelli I was truly
satisfied but the servings were more of a  tasting size giving me a little more room for each dish)
The fresh shrimp, calamari, and scallops blended perfectly together with the risotto and brought the experience close to its final crescendo.
Finally Eric brought out a Mediterranean sea bass called bronsino and it was served smoked on a cedar wooden plank with a side of vegetables and I
have to say paired with the right wine for each dish this salty smoky flavored fish was light and added that final touch to this culinary expedition that has
left me thinking of going back at just about every meal. Truly life is at its best when you have good food good people around you and things are done to
a perfection. I mentioned how much I enjoyed Eric's mastery with food and he was humble and courteous no pretension here just a mutual respect for
the finer things in life. Good thing to as Eric has to contend with a tradition that spans all the way back to Milan Italy in 1926 when Beatrice Ruggeri
decided to take her home cooking, after being encouraged by family and friends who were big fans of her mastery with food.
This restaurant is an optimistic example of how you can do just about anything if you have a good idea and you work hard to realise it.  
I send a big thank you to my friends at BICE Ristorante and cant wait to come back for a visit   and try all the other delicious food on the menu!!
©copyright Francesco Barion
Bice Ristorante 7 East 54th Street New York, NY 10022 Phone: (212) 688-1999
©copyright Francesco Barion