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There is nothing more fitting or poetic than the mastering of any given art.
In the culinary arts the range of flavors broths, creams, Spices,
vegetables meats poultry and fish must be handled
with  a mastery and knowledge to actually create culinary art.

Bhatti Indian Grill  is located on the corner of 27th street and  Lexington Avenue
and the head chef and owner   Gaurav Anand is certainly a master artist when it comes to creating the finest in Indian

There is a story of a king in the far off Indian land of Lucknow
(actually only an 8 hour plane ride from France)
who lost his teeth and was served lamb and meat kebabs so tender and savory that these foods
would melt in his mouth.

Mr. Anand has brought this story to life and not only do you
feel like a king in this modern designed restaurant but the diverse selection of Northern Indian cuisine actually melts in
your mouth.
Bhatti Indian Grill
100 Lexington Avenue (27th Street)
New York, NY  10016
212-683-4228  - 212-683-4229
After trying several restaurants in the neighborhood I have to say
that I truly have not had a bad experience.
But Bhatti has brought the finest touches to
Northern Indian cuisine and created the ultimate in Indian dining.

We were given a selection of the most delicious meats vegetables and seafood on the menu, Rogan Josh Tender pieces
of lamb in a red sauce flavored with cardamom, cloves, Kashmiri spices with a blend of Onion fresh Ginger and Garlic.
Bhatti Indian Grill
Murgh Nizami Korma a Unique Chicken cooked in a rich velvet gravy with saffron and Almond.   Vegetables Sabzi
Panchmel a combination of five exotic vegetables tossed in olive Oil and spices. Ajwaini Jheenga : Jumbo Prawns
marinated in a citric Blend of lemon juice, ajwain and green cardamom then grilled and paired with  a good Merlot or
Cabernet Sa avignon just brought the flavors of these dishes together.

With these sumptuous meat chicken and fish dishes just kind of gives you that warm tingling feeling all over and when
on a date you just cant choose anything more romantic
then dining under the atmospheric lighting and majestic interior decor of Bhatti
To top it off being a guest of Gaurav Anand, well what can I say? Maybe the word perfection comes to mind. Add
basmati and steamed rice, puri and various pastry’s and garlic and butter nan breads and you truly have an evening fit
for a king and queen.

You can be sure I will be back to dine at Bhatti and will hopefully have the chance to chat with Gaurav about his other
three restaurants. Stay tuned for more reviews
of Gaurav Anand's restaurants ;-)
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