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Bianca Barnett Model Actor Scream Queen
Bianca Barnett first slashed her way
into the heart of horror with her
fearless performance as the horribly
mutated villainess, Pig Bitch, in 2009’
s “Albino Farm“. Next, she portrayed
Marlena, a drug-addled model who
moonlighted as an organ theif in
Ramzi Abed’s mind-bending thriller,
“In a Spiral State“. Bianca made her
film debut in Abed’s “The Devil’s Muse
“, playing dual roles as naïve Rose,
who moved to Hollywood with hopes
of stardom, and the mutilated corpse
of the mysterious Black Dahlia.
Currently, Bianca has five projects
she is working on in 2010, including
a cameo in Michael Colburn’s
gruesome “The Toy Box”; a femme
fatale in the neo noir “Kissing Jake”;
and as the action heroine, Toy
London, in “Vengeance Wears a
Skirt”. She continues to work hard
as a model and actress while
maintaining straight A’s at the
college she attends full-time. She
strives to develop her craft by
continuing to study theater and
acting. She resides in a 1927 Tudor
home in Los Angeles with her
partner, moviemaker Jason Barnett,
and their two shih-tzu dogs.
Short Film- Bunny Time Cupcakes
I portray an employee that gets more than she bargained for while playing the computer game, Bunny Time
Cupcakes. The film was second place winner in the 2008 Chiller TV horror short contest. Directed and written
by Jason L. Barnett of IMP FX.
Swingin Sixties
Noveau Glam
Goth Girl
Painting By Javier Trujillo