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Interview With Leighton Meester
The Star of the Hit Television Show Gossip Girls
"Blair Cornelia Waldorf "
TNYO: Your character on Gossip Girls,
Blair Cornelia Waldorf has been
compared with vintage film and literary
figures such as Joan Collins and Audrey
Hepburn do these comparisons create
additional pressure, or do you take it all
in stride?
Blair Cornelia Waldorf: Oh, I just find it flattering.
Audrey is my favorite idol of all time, and it can't
be anything but good to be compared to such a
beautiful and great actress.
TNYO: Who are some of your
favorite actors and movies.
Blair Cornelia Waldorf: Audrey Hepburn, while of
course then my favourite movie will be Breakfeast at
I don't know how many times I've seen it or even
dreamed about it. Another movie I like is Roman
I prefer old classics.
TNYO: Gossip Girls, what a great name for a show,
I guess girls and most people
for that matter like to gossip why is that?
Blair Cornelia Waldorf: You're kidding right?
Gossip is what keeps us all alive when it comes to
communicating. I would rather talk about people that have done
something exciting than the weather for instance. I guess it's just
the spirit for us girls. The downside is that we all get it back in
our faces at some point.
TNYO: Blair’s wardrobe is killer on Gossip Girls,
are you a shopaholic like Blair?
Who are your favorite Designers?
Blair Cornelia Waldorf: Marc Jacobs? It's a hard pick.
Sorry. Too many to choose from. I think I have
clothing from almost every known designer out there.
TNYO: Do you have a boyfriend?
Blair Cornelia Waldorf : Chuck Bass, who I love with all my heart.
TNYO: There are so many more questions I would like
to ask and hope that we can revisit and do another
interview in the near future, in closing I would like to
ask if you could choose a song for our readers to
groove to.
Blair Cornelia Waldorf: Right now I would suggest
something with Leighton Meester. She has some nice
songs that are a mix of pop
, new wave and maybe a
tiny bit dance/electronica.