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Brenden Sanborn
Brenden Sanborn is a renowned, award-winning artist whose gift for
intertwining vibrant color, exquisite detail and sensuous motion has
gained him international acclaim. His passion for evoking emotion and
tantalizing the human spirit through artistic expression is evident in his
infatuating paintings.
Brenden’s work has been shown in several national art shows, galleries and charity auction events.
Media features include a front page story about the artist and his work in Innewsweekly in 2004, The
Portland Phoenix in 2004 and an interview on The Content Wrangler in 2008. His work is displayed in
private collections internationally, including USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, England,
New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. Brenden sells his paintings, prints and cards and
accepts commissions on this website and has a presence at and Saatachi Online.
Brenden’s Group and Solo Art Shows:
Go Figure, Constellation Gallery Portland, Maine 2010
Continuum Gallery Palm Springs, California, 2008
Art Center South Florida Miami Beach, FL, 2006
Shy Voyeurism, Styxx Portland, Maine, 2004
Maine Street Ogunquit, Maine, 2003
Picture This Gallery Providence, RI, 2002-2004

Charity Auctions:
100th Anniversary Auction, JCC of the North Shore, 2011
Skateboard Art Silent Auction, Maine Skate Initiative, 2011
Frannie Peabody Foundation AIDS Walk –  2011
Play with your Food Silent Auction, JCC of the North Shore, 2011
Multiple Sclerosis Society – Maine Chapter, 2009
Aids Response Seacoast, 2005, 2006, 2007
Make a Wish Foundation, 2005

Member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America
I started my professional artistic life as an ambitious and hungry graphic artist over 15 years ago. I
loved the challenge and excitement of the design world and I enjoyed illustrating. It paid the bills and
exposed me to the cutting edge, but something was always missing for me– a deeper feeling of
personal fulfillment. I began painting the things that mattered to me and I realized that painting feeds
my soul. My career as a fine artist began with that realization. We should all be so blessed to have
jobs that feed our souls!

My training as a graphic artist has given me a solid foundation for my fine art. The ingredients that
make a dynamic and successful design/illustration are the very same ingredients that make a soul-
stirring painting. My brushes opened up a whole new world to me. I am able to paint expressions of
what truly matters to me and what moves me as an artist and a human being. For many years I
made my living painting primarily the human figure. My personal evolution as an artist has drawn me
to the beauty of fine details in nature– My art has now expanded to the abstract, especially telephoto

“I want to approach each painting in a fresh way. Some paintings ask to be painted in a loose
manner with lots of expression and freedom, while others need to be controlled to allow the
subtleties of color temps or facial expression to show through. When an artist becomes a slave to
their technique, and limits what they can paint, is when their evolution as an artist ends.” —Brenden
Self Portrait
Chest Five
Eye Fire
DJ Brett Henrichsen
The Long Goodbye
Chest Seven
Sleeping Beauty
Yesterday Figure Study