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Revisiting Photographer
"Brittney Alicia Dieno"
Since the subject of art and photography in this case is perceived in the eye of the beholder
as all beautiful things should be, i sometimes find myself at a crossroads when I am featuring artists in The
New York Optimist. The fork in the road is a choice to be made by the viewer.
It is you the audience that either likes or dilikes the work that is being displayed here.
All i can do is try to bring you the best artists I can find.
Which Brings me to one of my favorite subjects.
What is real art ? Well there are many who speculate art is the result of many hard years of study and a
continuation of work and experimentation that can sometimes be acheived by a formula.
Although true, isnt there more to it. Of course there are examples of both types of artists for instance
you have a self taught expressionist like Jean Michel Basquiat and then there is a Michael Angelo.
Both artists deeply affected the world with thier work and have left a lasting impression on society.
Michael Angelo was an academic artist, Basquiat once again self taught.
The thing that they shared was they were born artists.
I believe that people are born to do certain things and that during the course of thier lives they are sent signals
which should lead them to a place where they can find happiness and make a living at the same time.         
To summarize what could become a long and drawn out conversation my intention is to direct the viewer to a place
where they can sit back relax and enjoy the story thats being told by the art and the artist.
If one so chooses to there are many other websites, books, and magazines that break down art to the molecule.  
But here I bring you art in its essence, at its rawest and most potent form.
Photographer Britney Alicia Dieno is 19 Years Old self taught and she has just begun a journey that I believe will
take her where ever she wants to go.  A story told from photographs through the eyes of a real artist 'ahem only in
my opinion of course.