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Carter B Smith Of Metroflix
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CB Smith is one of today’s most relevant photographers and directors in New York City. He
has directed music videos for many of today’s leading artists, including Clair Riley-Roe,
Shooter Jennings, Just Live, Rene Lopez, Akira the Don, Eastern Conference Champions,
Counter Clockwise, Jane’s Addiction, Bush, 311, Fishbone, Stone Temple Pilots, Wycleff
Jean, NERD, Puya, Buckcherry, Monstermagnet and various members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

CB Smith has directed two feature length films, Three Days (2004) starring Jane’s Addiction
and Cinque Lee, and Love Rome (2002) starring Dean Winters, Drea DeMatteo and Angela
Bettis. He is the creator and director for Fox /Fuel’s television series, Skate Maps, as well as
Aperture Magazine’s television show called Aperture.
As a videographer CB Smith shot the Last Party 2000, a political documentary, directed by
Donovan Leitch, starring Phillip Seymore Hoffman, American Hot-Rod, a documentary for
Hot-Rod Magazine’s Power Tour, and the Hamptons Project, directed by two-time Academy
Award winner, Barbara Kopple. CB Smith was also the associate producer and videographer
for Midnight in Cuba, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.  CB Smith is also a widely
published and talented photographer. His work has appeared in Technikart, The New York
Times Style Magazine, Spin, BlackBook, 28th Street, de Fisch, Architect Magazine, Kult, as
well as numerous albums including Saul Williams, Bush, 311, The Roots, Eastern
Conference Champions, Biohazard, Peter DiStephano, and more.  He has photographed
numerous artists, including Eastern Conference Champions, The Tender Trio, Shooter
Jennings, The Virgins, Snoop Dog, Mary J. Blige, Lou Reed, Martin Luther, Iggy Pop,
Joseph Arthur, Camp Freddy, Milla Jovovich, Chuck D, Common, The Dandy Warhols,
Duncan Sheik to name a few. CB Smith has recently been selected as one of five up-and-
coming photographers in New York by the Microsoft Lab in association with Gen-Art, and
has exhibited his work in galleries internationally. He has published two books, “It Takes a
Nation” (2006) with a forward by Barack Obama and “Phonebook” (2011)
Advertising clients include Puma, Armani Exchange featuring Wycleff Jean, Filthmart Jeans
and print- ads for New York stores such as What Comes Around Goes Around, Sophomore,
Payne, Studio 109, Hedra Prue to name a few.

Carter Smith lives, works, and breathes in New York City.