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Un grande commande sur le thème de
la musique, des djs...
Cécile Durand-Mignard
Je me souviens c'est ici que je suis né
Insula Oya
Peinture, encres sur toile
Commande personnalisée Bourgogne
Portrait de commande 2011
Painting is a way of "being", the temptation to breathe
in a world unbearable.
[Jean Bazaine]

Painters have great difficulty talking about their painting
this may be why they are trying to express something
through painting and not with the written word.
Talking about my work is difficult, because it is,
basically, my world view, and each image is the sum of
my experiences, memories, impressions, feelings,
things that I loved and that speak to me .. the whole is
then to arrange them to give, to see.
For each to find his pleasure.
peinture de commande
France Jura
In my view it is important to appreciate the image, it must also strike a chord within the viewer,
evoke an emotion, a memory ... I've always been surprised at the reactions of visitors to my
paintings. Some more than others see it as an echo to their anxieties, their fears, their
their questions and the world today.
We commonly speak of the universe of the artist as if they were each time in a different world
from ours.
I work around symbols, spirituality and Chaos. I speak of the world as I see it as a
disconcerting reality, as I love and hate at once beautiful and ugly. My paintings are a
reflection of my soul, my experiences, my joys and my pains, my strength and my
weaknesses, my hopes and my doubts.

Of course that despair is a fuel since it is ubiquitous in our society, it is one of the emotional
ties I mentioned previously and in which each of us finds some of its history for despair has
become a reality .

"This quest mad" is the hope that remains!
The opportunity to live in a better world.
What interests me is to freeze the state of society today as a comprehensive and sensitive,
the paradox of a world both dark and light in color
Jump the Sky"
Portrait de Gérald en plein saut.
Spray et Encres sur toile
Diptyque 60X100
"Wait for Bart"
peintures spray et encres Hot
chocolate sur toile
40X50 cm
portrait des deux frères
commande personnalisée avec séance
Tableau XXL, 50X30
portrait de commande
Collection particulière Alsace 2010
Double portrait de Julien Francis
Spray can, encres sur toile
50X60 par deux
Super Joanne"
Spray et encore sur toile
25X30 cm
"The End"
technique mixte sur toile
100X100 Environ
The MIckeyLand Show-Paris 2010
collection particulière Paris
"Fitness for"
commande personnalisée
Encres et peinture Spray sur toile
Chalon-sur-Saône 2010
Commande de SWAT
Sexy Wars Hors Série 2
Sexy Wars Hors Série 1
les toilettes du "18"