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How did the paintings, sketches and drawings of
"Copacabana for all."

The "Copacabana for all" appeared in 2004, when the artist
Celso Mathias moved to this famous neighborhood
affectionately called
"The Princess of the Sea." Here you can find rich material
for his paintings. It was the month of Carnival and the streets
were crowded with various types of interest to the keen eye
of an artist. He began shooting almost every day and several
times with unusual clicks of your camera and your lens of
400 mm, which allowed the distance to record spontaneous
moments of your models and began a collection that already
has far more than two thousand photographs. In principle he
knew he had strong material, important and rich in content.
Subjects who were just steps from their home, but still did
not know how to work it. He then began to take his
sketchbook and draw Atlantic Avenue live from usual
residents to tourists from all over Brazil and abroad. All were
depicted in a few strokes the watchful eye of the artist, who
does not let out anything. He noticed the quantity and
diversity of daily customs of these people, every detail,
Studying each of them their behaviour,dress, and
interactions with their neighborhood and the beach.
He decided it was time to start painting them in the studio. Began a new phase with a trace and paint what
he calls realistic stylized. Celso Mathias is an artist with strong influences from the American painter Norman
Rockwell that portrayed the 20th-century American life and who he says he was taught to paint away. Just
as Rockwell, he did so with their neighbors Copacabana. That was then the art project "Copacabana for all",
a poetic tribute to this neighborhood and world famous, made from anonymous people who somehow
become celebrities in the parade walk of fame with their irreverence and their authentic ways. The true spirit
of being in Rio.

This project is being developed for making an art book and for national and international exhibitions.

If you are an interested person or entity willing to  sponsor or support the project please contact us by e-mail
form contained in this website.
Celso Mathias
Sketch Book