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'Ripped Shirt'
Another portrait. Hope you like it :)

Skin from 'Dublin'. Freebie tanktop from El Lee.

Only IBL lit, IBL from:

Chain of tools: DazStudio4, Reality plugin2.0, Luxrender0.9, Photoshop7.

Oh, and I hope you aren't shocked too much, but my new av is actually a picture of me..
Look But Dont Touch
Charley S.

Date of birth: aug 25 1963, the Netherlands

At a very early age I became aware of the
beauty surrounding me. Flowers, trees, music,
the scent of perfume and the curves of the
human form. At some point I tried to capture
things on paper with a crayon.
That didn't work out, my hands could not draw
the images that were in my mind and after a
while I gave up.

Then life kicked in when I fell in love, got married
and I was blessed with two beautiful children. My
first marriage didn't work out and at times it was
hard trying to raise my children on my own.
'Dublin in the Park'
After some years I fell in love again and suddenly my family got twice as big with two more beautiful
children. When the kids got older I finally had some spare time on my hands and the 'need' to create
something got stronger than it ever was before.
Dublin In The Village
Dublin ~ish~
'Genesis in Red'
'Who's afraid of Red Yellow and Blue'
The Snapshot
In 2006 I discovered a 3D program and the possibility of
creating images the way I wanted was suddenly there. In
my images I try to portray the beauty and sensuality of
women and also to show vulnerability, femininity and
sometimes strength. In a way creating those images are
some sort of therapy for me. Most of the girls I render are
reflections of my inner self. In my real life I never could
express myself the way I really am and so my renders do
it for me.
'Just a Little Shy'
My goal for the future is to create photorealistic
renders and maybe one day I will be able to do so. I
know this will take me many, many years of practice.

My tools are DazStudio 4 Pro, Reality Plugin,
Luxrender and Photoshop.
Pin Up
Neve with Flower
'Curves On a Table'
'A Painted Face'
Lauren ~Reality/Luxrender~
'Ballet' for Anat ~Reality/Luxrender~
'Lady Stephanie'
In a way the images I create are a reflection of my inner *me*, but don't get me wrong here,
when I look in the mirror I look nothing like the images I render ! God didn't grant me that
beauty, oh no ! Well.. maybe in my next life.. who knows? *smiling*.