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306 E. 6th St.,
New York, NY 10003
After visiting an artist’s studio in The East Village recently I decided to explore
The vast selection of restaurants this town is famous for. Sushi was on my mind.
It was dinner time but I had a long night ahead of me and the idea of anything that might be too filling just
made me think that the light and satisfying flavors of fresh seafood and sake would be the perfect choice. I
remembered hearing from friends about several really good restaurants for sushi and I was very close to one
of them.

Cherin located on Sixth Street off the corner of Second Avenue was my destination.
The city was driving with energy as people were headed out to something fabulous and spectacular.

The artist’s work was still running through my mind and I was hoping that Cherin might relax me a little and
change my perspective.

7:00 Thursday night Cherin was humming with a mix of  local East Villagers
and lots of lady’s out with their bff’s or dates probably having sushi for the same reason I was its delicious
satisfying and easy on the waist line.

Greeted by Joe a nice looking Asian man with a smile that made me feel calm and very comfortable brought
me to a table in the middle of the restaurant.
The lighting was moody the music in the background was hip and rhythmic
And everyone around me seemed to be really good looking as they playfully chatted under the amber lights.

I told Joe who after some conversation I found out  his name was Deden and practiced Buddhism as I
suspected, I only mention this as I have always been fascinated by the
Buddhist culture.

The idea of being served by a practicing Buddhist added to my overall feeling peacefulness.  
I started the experience with hot Sake my favoriite way to begin the sushi experience.
Deden recommended the Hakutsuru a dry smooth sake with a crisp finish.
Amidst a list of over a dozen choices of sake it started the night off just right.

He then brought a few suggestions from the menu starting with the Tuna Tataki Salad,
Seared Tuna on a bed of fresh seasonal greens with a sweet and spicy ginger dressing.
This was followed by three rolls The Brandon Roll spicy tuna with a crunch, Avocado Lover Roll
with real freshly ground crab meat, and finally The Gillian Roll, tuna shrimp and avocado served over a
crunch and  crabmeat.

I noticed there were a few celebritys sitting at the table behind me so I assumed that I was not the only one
hearing great things about Cherin through the grapevine.
If you plan on having sushi after work or on the weekend I highly reccomend
Cherin, fantastic fresh seafood great atmosphere in the heart of the East Village.