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Annie's Field
Cheryl (Knapp) Fallon was
born in North Carolina in
1975.  She graduated from
Dover High School and went
on to Bloomsburg University,
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
where she earned a Bachelor
of Science degree in Biology.  
August Morning
Beyond This Place
She always loved the camera, but
throughout high school her time
was devoted to choir and theatre.   
Following college, she started
taking pictures occassionally
mostly of  sunsets trying to
capture that fleeting beauty.  It
wasn't until the birth of her first
son that the camera became like
an appendage.  Each smile and
adorable look needed to be frozen
in time.  As her appreciation grew
for the beauty in her son so also
did her awareness of the beauty
arround her.  She felt compelled
to make it available for all to see.  
Dark Beauty
Spring Is Here
Most of her work focuses on the local
landscape and places and things
reclaimed by nature.   She is now
venturing into what some have called
dreamscapes.  Her goal is to  
capture an instant and share with
the viewer her perception of that
Grape Hyacthins
Sweet Dreams
Spring Is Here #2
Old Rail Road Bridge
Untitled Study
Tree At The Y
The Rails
In The Chamber
The Scarecrow
Murderous Sillhouette
Splendor of a Dying Day
Dreamy Weather
Scratching At The Sky
Self Study Untitled