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On my adventure through the many tastes of Bay Ridge, I have to feature my favorite restaurant by far
Circles Grill. A lot like visiting a country cottage this restaurant has one the most diverse selections of food
and more importantly my favorite foods on the planet.
Actually Circles has  brought new meaning to my favorite foods showing me new
combinations on classic sandwiches and wraps that I might have never stumbled upon if I were not a food nut.
Poultry steaks seafood and so much more.
A neighborhood place that has been serving the natives for years, over 20 years at least if im not mistaken.
Tuesday night is Lobster night and every night lists specials that literally blow your mind with their creative combinations
and dead on delivery.   

Let me start with the sandwiches,  I started trying the grilled chicken sandwich with roasted peppers
then moved on to the Portobello Mushroom  wrap with Gorgonzola Cheese, Fried Calamari made to  a perfect golden  finish not to greasy
but tender and satisfying served with a side of marinara sauce and a wedge of lemon.

Then there is the seafood as mentioned above Lobster Tuesdays are always fantastic and busy with a crowd of hungry diners
who travel for miles to sink their teeth into these bright red crustaceous creatures, served with a fresh vegetable on the side and perhaps
a chilled glass of Sa avignon blanc this dinner is out of this world.    
Scallops Shrimp and a fresh catch of the day Circles is known for its fresh seafood.

Skirt steak that is mouth watering and delicious, Salads that are fit for the vegetarian in all of us
and the list of delectable delights just continues.

Matched with a beautiful wait staff and when I say beautiful
all of you talent scouts out there should stop by Circles Grill to find the next
blockbuster star.

This is a restaurant that I dare say, may be the kind of food that only those who know good food go to.
Seriously I have not been to a grill this good since I worked as a bartender on the Upper West side years ago
and Movie Stars like Danny Aiello and Liam Neeson ordered the sandwiches to go.

Whether your dining in or taking this food to go Cirlcles Grill on 91st street and Third Avenue is the place for those of you who will drive
for hours to have your favorite cuisine.

Finally the down to earth owners have created an atmosphere that is unlike any other restaurant in Bay Ridge.
Trust me Circles Grill has the best food in Bay Ridge and you can take that to the bank!   ;-)
Circles Grill
9023 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Circles Grill