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24" x 24"
Mixed media on wood @ Raw Canvas
My hair is a blackboard"
10" x 21"
Mixed media on wood
$219 SOLD
Mixed media on canvas
16" x 23"
Born in England to a spanish opera lover, fabulous piano
player, chemist father and a mexican dancer, brain researcher,
fantastic genius, dog lover mother... Claudia Segovia grew up
in Mexico and moved to Canada in 1997: a mother, a creature
maker, a dog lover, a choreographer, but most of all a mixed
media artist.
Due to her mother's dolphin and brain research work, during her childhood, she lived in
different parts of Mexico, Los Angeles and Spain. Self taught artist and always studying
Letting go of it
Mixed media on wood
24" x 24"
Claudia Segovia
Kitty, kitty, meaw, meaw"
8" x 10"
mixed media on canvas
Fishy in the water"
8.5" x 8.5"
Mixed media on paper
Studied Contemporary Dance Choreography at the National Centre for the Arts in Mexico
City and a Diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design at Emily Carr.
Passionate about creatures, has painted and created 3D monsters, hundreds of them.
Paints always. Sews a few times a week. Teaches ballet and modern dance 3 or 4 times a
week. Drinks chai quite often. Meets her friends every week. Drives her kids every day.
Walks dogs twice a day. Has tons of ideas every hour. Loves her children every minute.
Breathes life every second.
Twohead Dodo"
24" x 48"
Mixed media on wood
@ Raw Canvas
The Queen's Flight"
8" x 10"
Collage on watercolour paper
Currently lives in Richmond, BC with her 2 children and her 3 dogs. Eats organic eggs,
and local blueberries, is attempting to grow tomatoes, amongst other things.
Getting honest"
8" x 10"
Collage on watercolour paper
Direct flow from intuition. Random and honest play with colours and textures. I let my
intuition be my guide, my brain tells me what to do next. I don't plan what creature to
paint, I don't have it in my imagination. I play and play until I can see it. I discover the
creature and work with it.
When the work is finished I observe and try to understand what it means. Meaning is the
most important part. Intuition opens a creative channel that brings universal meaning,
about life. It is a surprise to me as it is to the viewer. Understand the depth. What does
that creature mean? What words come up? What does that mean in my life? What
question does it answer?