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Danelle Manthey grew up in South Dakota, where at the age of 16 she picked up her
first camera. After graduating from Chicago's acclaimed school for photography,
Columbia College, she then worked in the city as a color printer, studio manager and
photographer. In 2003 she embarked on her first large-scale project, Christmas USA,
photos of people in her hometown with their Christmas Lights. She returned to Sioux
Falls in 2005 to photograph new subjects as well as revisit some of the old ones in
order to deepen her commitment to these relationships. She has been working on the
project every year since in a new location around the country and is looking to turn both
the photographs and the stories of these people into a book.The images she shot from
Christmas USA became her accepted submission piece into chashama’s Artist in
Residency Program in New York City where she was granted a subsidized studio
space. This is where she worked on her next series, Self-Made Space, a studio project
where people were asked to create a visual statement about them-self. Giving them
limited instruction and supplying basic tools, she wanted to see how someone would
express them-self in a visual manner. The work created during this time period became
a solo show at the 42nd street chashama gallery.In 2008 she was invited to participate
in the Pool Art Fair in the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. She has exhibited her work in
numerous group shows and has taken on new projects while also expanding her
commercial portfolio. Danelle resides in New York City and Upstate New York.