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"Get Your Shine On"  22" x 28"  Oil on Canvas
Debbie Branitz
"Buckles and Buttons"  24" x 36" Oil on Canvas
"Angel of My Heart; a Portrait of Sarah with Avery"  16" x 20"
"You Ornament the Earth for Me; a Portrait of Emily With Avery" 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas
"Bouquet" 24" x 36"  Oil on Canvas
"Pretty in Pink" 24" x 30"  Oil on Canvas
"Favorite Sweater"  24" x 30" Oil on Canvas
"Happy Hour" 14" x 18" Oil on Canvas
"Lunch is Served"  24" x  30" Oil on Canvas
" Best Friends" 24" x 36 " Oil on Canvas
" For Marlon, Wherever I May Find Him"  24" x 36 " Mixed Media on Canvas
" Distressed"  24" x 36 " Oil on Canvas
"Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes"   22" x 28"
"Rapture" 22" x 28
Born and raised in Brooklyn , NY , I received my degree
in Art Education and Art History from SUNY New Paltz in
1973.  I owe my appreciation for color, light and shadow
to my painting professor, Manuel Bromberg.  

  My husband and I moved to Coral Springs in 1980,
where our two daughters grew up.  During the years of
raising a family and eventually returning to teaching, I felt
a persistent passion to reconnect with my painting.  

  I love the play of light and shadow on objects which is
conveyed through the medium of oils on canvas. It allows
me to render my subjects in all the splendor of their color
and detail.