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Ok for all of you Lounge Lizards out there here's a real treat and  maybe a  change in your usual schedule.
Have you seen the film  Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta well if you have you will remember the scene
Where Tony Manero tries to stop his friend from jumping off the Verrazzano Bridge.
Delia's Lounge is located blocks away from this famous bridge
and is a long way from the small seedy disco's that popped up all over the boroughs
in the late seventies and early eighties. Like everything else neighborhoods evolve
maybe faster than human beings, I some times ponder that idea
more than I should left with an unsatisfied sense of longing for just the basics in human social behaviour.
But I digress ;-)

Delia's Lounge reminds me of my favorite eccentric uncle who has traveled the world
and has brought back treasures from the far off locations he has been to and arranged them with
just the right taste and placement in his oversized living room .

The lounge (and this word fits the description perfectly) is right on the corner of 93rd street and 3rd Avenue
a busy community of restaurants
catering to a global palette of eclectic cuisine.

Once inside its literally like walking into another world the noise from the streets disappears and the funky mix of Jazz, House,
and an exotic selection of music float through the air coaxing you to relax and release all the pressures from a busy work day.
The waitresses are gorgeous the atmosphere is somewhat mysterious and the drinks are made by serious professionals
who can mix a dry martini to perfection just as easily as blending a banana daiquiri.  
Exploring Bay Ridge has been a lot of fun and always full of surprises.
Delia's Lounge also serves food and its a step above your regular bar fair.
With selections of  Pan Seared Crab Cakes, Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Grilled Calamari and Chicken Quesadilla Rolls
Delia's aims to please. Book your party here stop by with your date or just come in to people watch, Delia's is the perfect before or after
spot on your way to satisfaction.    
Delia's Lounge
9224 Third Avenue
Bay Ridge Brooklyn
Delia's Lounge