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Eddie Rehm
First artist to ever paint on the canvas still sealed by the plastic. How many artists ripped past this idea
!!! Except for one ! Lighting is the key element to produce the projection like shadows and detail of the
piece as a whole.
Defamation Of Domestic Belligerence
Eddie Rehm is a New York artist who was invited back for his second solo exhibition at the Orchard Windows Gallery. The last show created such a
buzz and great atmosphere I decided to give Eddie another show. With an overwhelming response from my collectors , press publications and sales. It
was exciting to offer him a chance to come back to the gallery to furtherly advance our collaboration and the artistic expression in our creative endeavor
together . His works have been displayed throughout New York , Chicago, Milwaukee and Pennsylvania. His artwork has been reviewed and displayed in
publications such as Artefuse , Art is Spectrum , Dans Paper , South Bay Arts Association , Long Island Art League and the Brookhaven Arts and
Humanities Council.  Eddie is affiliated with  local art groups such as the South Bay Arts Association , Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council ,  New
Millennium Modern Art Group and the Long Island Art League.  The installation of artwork will encaptivate the viewer by emphasizing a message or story
conveying the artists life experiences. Chaotic , disorientating and a densely cluttered depictions of artistic expression will overwhelm traditional to a
conceptually untraditional sense. Hopefully giving the viewer or participants a memorable experience that will resignate with them. Creating a memory,
good , bad or indifferent that carries with you an emotion or  thought provoking experience. It would depict he's extraverted release and converge his
intraverted memories.
"Instant Gratification Abstract" is a term I use to describe my art and the style in which I present each piece. Art to me is therapeutic , a way to work
through the recent loss of friends , family , and the startling conflictions of atrocities I am currently enduring . All of my work is an expression of myself . I use
my emotions to transcend my message or to convey my story of abandonment , depravity , belligerence , confliction , death , atrocity, slander , divorce,
bankruptcy , losing my home, job, etc... Losing it all !  My take on America right now, friends , family , and my everyday thoughts . I feel that my life and my art
is unique for several reasons. I have a story that needs to be told !
Startling Depiction Of Self Assurance
Startling Confliction Of Sanctity
           Eddie Rehm