We started with  - you Guessed it Frozen Margaritas I had mine with salt and I just love   licking the salt off
the side of the large goblet like glasses they come in.
I asked our waiter if the margaritas were strong and he assured me they are served with quite a kick and he
was right after two of them we could have actually been paddling down the Rio Grande in  a leaky boat
and it wouldn’t have made a difference Ha!

Seriously the margaritas set the tone for the salty sumptuous meal that was on the way.
Quick note I couldn’t help but notice all the single women paired up having dinner on a Friday night and
when there are beautiful woman around in a popular restaurant in Manhattan the men are never far behind.
The Best part was that this place was so big and spacious you couldn’t really notice what was going on
unless you’re a people watcher and focus
On the tables around you, the floor to ceiling windows which looked like they measured about 14 feet in
height wrapped around the entire restaurant giving you plenty of eye candy outside on the wrap around patio
and it was just as busy outside as it was inside .
One of the great benefits of  summer in NY outdoor dining!  
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This Restaurant is Just Plain fun!
Our stunning hostess Diane escorted us across the border
from Mexico through the kitchen into Texas while explianing how this secret passage  
through each side of the restaurant was very popular back in the day.
It certainly made me feel like a special guest.  
And you could actually feel the difference between the two sides of the restaurant.
The Mexico side of the restaurant was a little more wild and crazy
With a bit of a younger crowd but when we crossed the border
The restaurant took on a little more of a refined feeling.
Although I am not completely sure if we went from Mexico to Texas or Texas to Mexico
Because if you have ever been to either one of these places they both have their own healthy share of wild
and crazy.
Both sides were buzzing with a busy crowd of hungry happy chatty diners and the festive feeling came over
me like a magic cloak.
Our waiter who has been with El Rio Grande for years was extremely helpful
When it came to making a selection based on so many of my favorite foods.
Burritos, Tacos, Nachos Quesadillas, Ah Mexican or Tex Mex food never disappoints
I think its one of Americas number one comfort foods outside of Pizza.
First on the list home made guacamole made fresh at the table
With warm tortilla chips the fresh guacamole snapped the taste buds into check tomato lime cilantro jalapeno
mmm mmmm. Spicy Garlic Gulf shrimp grilled and served with green tomatillo and chipotle cream sauce.
Baby Shrimp Quesadillas with adobo sauce and mixed cheeses. And Finally a combination of chicken steak
and shrimp Fajitas.
Delicioso!! Man that meal was so satisfying I sailed back to my hotel room whistling
A happy tune like a  hermosa músico mexicano sobre el peyote y chipotle.

El Rio Grande is above street level located at 160 east 38th Street
And is perfect for just about any event I can think of.
Business meetings office partys birthdays and especially dates.
The atmosphere is conducive to all situations and the diners were a happy mix of family’s
Friends couples and people out to have a good time with good food and drink!  
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El Rio Grande
160 East 38th Street