Indoor/Outdoor "Catpet"

A recent vision of two cats sitting on opposite sides of an apartment window sill, inspired me to write this article.

One all white with gray spots, the other, a frisky all black with white chest, sleek "outdoor" cat. Nice way of saying a stray cat! One was
warm and cozy in his co-op apartment, the other looking in at him, apparently thinking "I wish I can be in your SPOT!" Perhaps he/she has
more fresh air and options to run around. Perhaps the domestication of cats is not natural? I dont really know anymore, I just know that I
care for this black cat, with food and water and shelter from the rain.

He/she is very friendly for an "outdoor" cat. I want to say male but its hard to tell "down there" but for argument sake in this article, we will
say "he." I am starting to think, he WAS an "indoor" or "house" cat at one time and got out or was "let out" by a miserable human. In any
event, since he cannot talk and tell me, I have to assume this to be the case. He was trapped by another animal loving neighbor, months ago,
in order to spay/neuter with a mobile van and was then re- released. For those of you are not familiar with this process it is called TNR (trap
neuter return) and is very very effective at controlling the overpopulation of stray animals.

Since they did not ask for this hard life to begin with, it only serves to help them and not have them go through having litters and bringing
more strays into the world.

Now back to this black beauty of a cat. He rubs on me and knows when it is "outdoor" feeding time. After he is satiated, he goes back up to
"his" window sill and visits through the glass, with his "indoor" neighbor. I have never seen anything like it.

Put simply, it is both beautiful and sad all at the same moment. He does seem somewhat content, has adjusted to his outdoor life and is thinner
than his indoor counterpart. Guess indoor kitty is not getting as much exercise.."she" looks a little frightened that this cat robber is staring at
her from outside the glass. Yet she does not run away and they appear to have developed a non verbal "cat"munication that talks of
understanding and even playfulness at times. Hey wait! Was that his home? No I doubt it, for "she" would find a way to let him in..Cats are
amazing that way..They are survivors and innocent creatures..

Whether "house/"co-op" cats or "outdoor"/"strays" they both require respect and love. In an ideal world there would be no stray animals and
they will all be warm and purring their days away...

I dream of that day and work with the countless animal advocates and rescuers who spend so much of their time and money to make this
world a better place, one "catpet" at a time!

**P.S. Please keep in mind, never BUY an animal from a pet "store." They are usually from puppy mills which all need to be closed down!
One great example is World of Pets on 86th street in Bay Ridge.

PLEASE adopt from a City Shelter- the ACC on Linden Blvd in Brooklyn (they have one in each borough)- They are inundated with animals,
cats dogs, who all need forever homes and they are NOT a no-kill shleter, therefore TIME is of the essence!!

For more information on TNR, Animal rescue and to help or donate, please visit the following sites and services- THANK YOU!!
The New York Optimist
"Indoor Out Door Catpet"
By Ellie Robyns