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Mount Airy Resort and Casino
Completely renovated from the original "Mount Airy Lodge

You all remember that famous commercial and jingle for Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos.

"Beautiful Mount Airy Lodgeeee...."


So much has happened to Mount Airy since those heyday 70's! It remains a pristine location, and the Poconos is as beautiful as ever.
However, Mount Airy has transformed itself into a full resort and casino!

Currently they have slot machines and electronic table games only, but that will soon change and regular table games will be added.

They now boast a full service Spa, gourmet dining as well as a grand buffet and a 50's style diner, replete with wall records, milkshakes
and waitresses on roller skates. Ok maybe they don't have waitresses on roller skates! Nevertheless the diner staff is extremely friendly
and make you feel at home in the country.

The guest rooms are completely renovated in the modern style. I call it "modern-country." It still has the "woodsy" and "homey" feel, but
with rooms that have every modern electronic device you can imagine! From flat screen televisions, to free "wifi," to plush, high thread-
count comforters in elaborate earth tones, Mount Airy Resort and Casino did not skimp on any details!

They host well known entertainment and speakers. Live R&B bands on the casino floor (Did you get the video of me grooving with the
band)? There is a full conference facility, perfect for banquets, meetings and motivational speakers.

Speaking of speakers, I was honored to have met the master of motivation, Richard Simmons during my visit to Mount Airy early in this
2010 new year!

Richard looks and sounds amazing and if you think "Sweating to the Oldies" got old, think again! He has a NEW STTO CD and played
songs from it during his hour long exercise class! A class which brought hundreds of huge Richard Simmons fans, from all parts of the
country! Literally, people came from NY, Chicago and LA. I met people who told me they have been following Richard for years and how
much he has helped their lives and motivated them to lose weight and stay in shape.

He was engaging and as elaborate as he ever was, signing autographs for each and every attendee. The master exercise class was
preceeded by a very healthy dinner, the night before. There Richard Simmons spoke to the packed room about his life, his own
challenges and where he is today.

I think Mount Airy was a great venue for hosting  Richard Simmons, the ageless motivator and weight loss guru. It has a very healthy
natural feel. Perfect combination

I felt guilty for going to the buffet afterward, but I just had to! It is all about portion control and knowing when you are full and just
pushing the plate away! Even at a buffet, you can do it!

There is so much to do in the Poconos and it still so peaceful and filled with wildlife and wild outlet shopping!

Candle shops and skiing at Camelback just a few miles away!

Mount Airy has unique theme weekends such as the "Girlfriend Getaway," "Mother's Day weekend specials" and much, much more.
Perfect for couples, families and friends alike!


Enjoy, Ellie

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