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Ellie Robyns

“Or Current Resident”

Do you ever actually pay attention to the junk mail you receive? I mean the good old
fashioned PAPER mail. Not email, snail mail, but PAPER mail.

Even when you try to be environmental and reduce the amount of paper you receive,  stuff
sneaks in.

Valu-Pak, political/election flyers …

The best however, is when the erroneous and wasteful flyer or piece of mail is not even
addressed to you personally! It is addressed to “Or Current Resident”

What the heck is that??? Can they be any more impersonal? How obvious is it that the
sender does not care WHO gets their mailings? You, I or “current resident” is fine.

Almost anyone will do it seems. Are you barely breathing? Walking? Greattt

While I should not take this personally, it just says to me that people in general have
become so impersonal, so far removed from one another.

Do you ever see two people sitting on a couch or walking in the street in NYC, texting?
There is a good chance they are texting EACH OTHER!!

Stop!! Talk to someone LIVE. Be real, stop hiding behind emails, texts, other people.

I am completely certain doing this would help each other heal from so many issues we all
have naturally but now try to hide and be tough about. “No, I don’t need anyone”
“I can do this on my own” “I don’t want to look weak”

While this behavior is not something new, it is surely more enhanced by the ability to avoid
people and just text or email instead.

However, when you stop and realize that we may all only be “current residents,” it can be
scary or it can be changed back. Back to a time and place where people actually
communicate, are recognized and do feel good about themselves and about life in general.

No computer devices or anti depressants can fix problems. They are only adjunct to human
contact, conversation and caring!