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Ethan Lipton and His Jazz Trio
No Place to Go
As part of Joe’s Pub
New York Voice Series
It seems like Ethan Lipton and his jazz trio, are standing on the edge.
I mean literally on the edge. Was it just me or was Ethan actually straddling the ring that circles Saturn as he told
the packed room at Joe’s Pub  a story about his company being downsized and  relocated to Mars in a jazzy sing
songy voice. And then I realized he was talking to those unfortunate people stuck working for corporate America or
just working for someone else in someone else’s company, another number on a list waiting to be checked off
checked in and then checked out.

He’s talking to me and to you the common man and woman you know who you are. You’re the one checking your
watch to see if its lunch time yet and then checking again to see how far away from
5:00 it is. I completely related to the set of songs Ethan and his band were laying down in perfect tempo and I am
sure that most of the audience felt the same based on their exuberant response.

The company Ethan works for is going through a major downsizing and relocation but Ethan’s not ready to go
unless they pay him a gazillion dollars and who could blame him the air is thin up there and he’s going to need
every penny of that money to get those
rare cuts of martian steak and unlimited monthly blocks of air when he gets there.  
Ethan if you decide to stay on earth ill be here with you at your local starbucks or probably at
Joe's Pub waiting for your next performance besides there's no place like New York for good bagels
and pizza and if your a little low on the dough just ring up the New York Optimist
and we will get it to go just for you. You can hear more of Ethan Lipton's real time lyrics here    and as always stay tuned to Joe's Pub for their weekly lineup of