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Those nights in Soho as the holidays approach can inspire one with a magical feeling as the golden amber lights glowing from the
towering loft windows in the historical cast iron buildings create an atmosphere that words alone cant describe.
I have always loved this part of town. Manhattan is amazing I mean the whole island thrives with energy and pulses to the beat of a
different drum in each and every diverse corner from the Upper West Side to the funky downtown bars and lounges of the Lower East
Side, but Soho combines a number of nuances that seem to exemplify this city for me. Its classy, trashy, punky, snooty, and brings the
highest form of the arts to its residents and visitors even if it has become some what of a playground for the rich and famous it retains
its neighborhood feel with bar restaurants like Milady’s which has been there for over thirty years. If I have a meeting I set it up in Soho
if I have a date its usually starting or ending in Soho. So after meeting with a cartoonist who may become a part of The New York
Optimist staff of artists and writers at Toad Hall on Grand off the corner of West Broadway. I decided to end the evening with a few
cocktails at Felix. Felix is on the corner of West Broadway and Grand and its floor to ceiling opening glass doors have been the
destination of many a party goer, sports fan, traveler, tourist or neighborhood denizen since its inception.
I sat at the small but cozy bar with two lady's from Conneticut on vacation from thier husbands
staying at the trendy and celebrity spotted Soho Grand hotel just a block away these two sisters
knew where to go to let thier hair down  as they had been here before more than a few times.
The Bartender made me a few interesting and very tasty cocktails that really put me in the mood for
mischief.  I started with a mojito a drink made with mint leaves limes and rum this drink may be my
new starter drink when im out and about. Its refreshing and starts the taste buds snapping.
He then went on to mix a few more drinks which were rum infused and full of fruity flavor.
A good looking latin bartender with spice who knows how to mix a drink now that I think was the key
ingredient for this thirsty crowd of twenty to forty year olders.

Then like a tornadoe a crew of young people from Washington appeared in the bar dressed like
they were coming from the prom dance and looking to have some fun. Along with the bouncer
shaped happy go lucky guy who seemed to want to share the love and looked like he worked for
Puff Daddy I decided that it may be time to move on to my next destination and on a Monday night,
that was home.    
I may be stopping in again to review the food which I am absolutely certain is as delicious as the staff
at Felix so stay tuned. And of course if your in Soho stop in - there may not be a better place to
people watch for breakfast, brunch lunch or dinner in Soho - Felix is a winner.     
Felix  Bar Restaurant NYC Soho
340 W Broadway
(between Grand St & Worth St)
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: SoHo
(212) 431-0021