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Fish Tail the newest dining invention by David Burke specializes in a seafood  based menu that is guaranteed to satisfy all
lovers of these crustaceous creatures. My guest and I showed up at 7:30 and were escorted to the best table in the house.
the inviting decor with its striking red walls and warm lighting just added to the ambience,  located on the second floor of this  
glamorous brownstone on the Upper East Side.  Nestled in by the  huge window in the back end of the dining room we were
able to view all the action in this busy energy infused restaurant.
The manager JC made sure that everything was picture perfect  and we were greeted by the Sommelier Manny Solano,
Server Oscar Avendano and our waiter Victor.

Trusting their skill and judgement after years in the restaurant business they brought a selection of delicious creative dishes
that had both of us smiling happily and cheering them on as each dish arrived.
The other diners seemed to be just as excited as the buzz traveled throughout the restaurant.

We Started with the three story Shellfish Tower

that offered a generous selection of Lobster, Shrimp, Mussels, and Oysters over ice. Manny suggested we try David's
famous Pretzel crusted crab cakes which he had Oscar our waiter present to us  along with the Fishtail Taco Sampler; three
tacos Crab salad, Tuna Tartare, and Salmon Tartare,

We also indulged in  The Lobster and Avocado salad which also included large juicy bits of Fresh Maine Lobster. And finally
we moved onto the entrees I ordered the 2 Pound roasted Lobster (I can never get enough Lobster no matter how hard I try
i just
seem to love this  seafood treat more than any other) My guest ordered the tender and tasty pan seared alaskan tbone
Halibut with sweet corn puree, sugar snap peas and basil. Sadly after all the amazing starters we were unable to finish the
large entrees, but not to worry we had the rest of these dishes wrapped to go. In conclusion after sending us both  into a
seafood dream our server pulled  another trick out of his hat and presented us with a Can O Cake' my friend described this  
decadent  Molten Chocolate Cake that was served in a large silver cookie tin  with caramel and crunchy toppings home
made  Vanilla Ice Cream and whip cream on the side, as scandalous!!    
In Summary
Fish Tail is a seafood paradise on the Upper East Side 135 East 62nd Street, between Park and Lexington
Avenue New York, NY, 10065 212-754-1300. Business casual attire,  affordable fine cuisine in a beautiful spacious
artistically inspired  brownstone. The New York Optimist Staff  highly recommends this amazing seafood experience.