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Where else but places like New York City do you speak the secret password and gain
entry to a place where the drinks flow and the steaks are made to order?   At one time
Frankie and Johnnie's steakhouse was a speak easy where the password to get in was
"Frankie" and "Johnnie" was the reply for entry.

Of course after prohibition, it became a legal restaurant where you can get your favorite
brew of choice without worrying about the coppers taking you downtown and throwing
you in the hooskow. I recently had the pleasure of enjoying some of Frankie and
Johnnie's steak and seafood specialties.
My guest and I feasted on their classic, thick and juicy filet mignon, huge broiled lobster
tails, fresh chunks of crab and jumbo shrimp cocktail, and chocolate  desserts that will
knock your socks off. Evident by the bustling theater crowd that dined there among us,
It's no wonder why this restaurant has been in business for so long; It's simple: great
service and delicious food.  

With locations on 37th street, 45th street, and in Rye, New York, Frankie and Johnnie's
restaurant should be next on your list when you're hungry for a delicious lobster or steak.

If you have any problems at the door just tell 'em Frankie sent you ;-)