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Fushimi is not just a restaurant to have sushi or should I say a fusion of French Nouvelle and Japanese cuisine. It is an
experience alot like dining in a specialized restaurant resort for grown ups.
I am a huge fan of seafood and love sushi. It fascinates me how the serving of this treasure of the ocean has been perfected
to such a high level that you can eat it raw.

The chefs that prepare this delicacy are highly skilled craftsmen using a razor sharp knife carving this fresh -  chilled at the
perfect  temperature  - fish that can be so tender it literally melts in your mouth. The sushi chefs at Fushimi work as a team
creating more than just the  average sushi roll. Like the surroundings  which have been designed by what is obviously  a very
keen eye for artistic accents and interior design, from the perfectly placed lighting  adorning the most beautiful photographs
and paintings of geishas that I have ever seen.
Like the image above, she holds a samurai sword with what is obviously the result of one felt swope of the blade leaving the
perfectly sized serving of sushi for you to choose from if you dare.  Although there are three highly successful locations,  
Staten Island  2110 Richmond Road
Staten Island, NY (718) 980-5300 - Williamsburg 475 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn New York, NY (718) 963-2555 and Bay
Ridge Brooklyn 9316 4th Avenue Brooklyn,  (718) 833-7788
Fushimi is not your average food chain of restaurants.
In fact there is nothing average at all in this restaurant that is more of an escape vacation
than your regular night out for dinner.

The combination of Japanese and French nouvelle cuisine makes Fushimi one of the most unique and exciting dining
experiences that I have had in some time, and I have travelled all over the city and the five boroughs to find the best quality
sushi from the East Village to the Upper West side to Grammercy Park, I can truly say Fushimi is in a class all its own
I met with Raymond the manager of the Bay Ridge location a seasoned professional
of the restaurant industry and he started me off with a suggestion of Sake Sangria.
Being used to drinking sake served in a warm ceramic  carafe I was pleasantly surprised and refreshed by this blend of chilled
sake, fresh  crushed strawberries lime, plum wine and crushed  oranges. While sipping the sake I also dined on an appetizer of
edamame, seems like I can eat a million of these salty snacks and not get to full.

Then it was on to the main course an Asian Pear Lobster Avocado salad wrapped in fresh tuna.
Octopus, Salmon, and a number of rolls that were so artistically conceived i couldn't decide if I wanted to eat this food or just
photograph it and hang the photos on my wall at home.

You can be sure that I will be headed to the Williamsburg location as soon as I get the chance
as I am sure it will be an entirely different experience.
If you are a sushi lover like me then get to the closest location of Fushimi and let them know
you heard about the restaurant while reading The New York Optimist.