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I do see the irony inherent in creating images and
fantasies with my camera, but what always remains
honest is my vision and my perspective. I'm not out to
duplicate anyone else's style or follow the latest trends.
I'm not out to impress you with name dropping or esoteric
references. It's just not in my blood. I find my inspiration
and influences from many different "shiny objects":
religious art, Stanley Kubrik, 16 bit video games, that
homeless guy on the corner, urban geometries,
propaganda, the story in the lines on my Nonna's face or
my cat's endless shenanigans.

I shoot because I must. I love to explore the emotional
reactions I can arouse in people when they see my
images. It's not just about composition, form, color and
creating a "pretty picture". It's about the emotion. I'm
always and endlessly amazed with the emotional power
people give to photographs. Those thousands of pixels
don't mean a thing except what we make it mean. The
image of the guy with gnarly teeth might be "powerful" to
one person and "disgusting" to the next, but at the end of
the day, it's just a bunch of pixels. My pixels.
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