TNYO: Your show last year at the Jones Beach theater was a great surprise and more than entertaining. I love The Rolling Stones and seeing your band the
Glimmer Twins was like being there at a Stones concert, watching Mick Jagger in his prime! Tell me how you ended up forming this band.

Mick: Well, first of all, thanks for the compliment!  It was a great night at Jones Beach last year, and we're really looking forward to coming back!  
In the beginning, Bernie (Bollendorf) and I were in another Stones tribute band together.  We were growing dissatisfied with that situation, so we explored
some alternative options. Lucky for us, we hooked up with Mike (Rubino), who had his own Stones tribute at the time, and we all decided to get together one
night in the studio.  After playing a couple of songs together, it was obvious that we were on to something special.  Everything progressed quite quickly after
that, and eventually we sort of combined the best of the two bands and formed The Glimmer Twins.

TNYO: Its almost spooky how much you resemble the young Mick Jagger and your guitarist Bernie Bollendorf resembles Keith Richards how did you two find
each other?

Mick:  We met in the band that I mentioned previously.  He was already playing the role of Keith Richards when I was asked to take on the role of Mick after
the previous singer had left.  It was, as you say, almost spooky when I first met Bernie and saw how much he resembled a young Keith Richards.  He was kind
of sizing me up, and probably thinking the same thing.  

TNYO: Whats your  relationship like on and off stage?

Mick: Besides being band mates, we're also good friends on and off the stage, and that’s important to me.  We're both huge Stones fans, and share the
same vision as to how we want to present the show. We're very passionate about the music, and we have a lot of fun with it.  We're always making fun of
each other, so it’s a good thing we both have thick skin.  J

TNYO: Do you always have the same back up band?

Mick:  Absolutely!  The Glimmer Twins are an eight piece band that strives to recreate The Stones in their prime, right down to using the same vintage
guitars and amps, and playing in all of the original tunings for each song.  Each member has worked hard to perfect their individual roles within the band, and
we approach it with a team mentality.

TNYO: I am going to assume the act is basically created around you and the guitarist does that put pressure on the two of you?

Mick:  Not really, because I don’t look at it that way.  Sure, Bernie and I are the primary focal point of the band, but The Glimmer Twins are so much more
than a two man show.  This band has great chemistry, and I’Ive been told time and again by the fans that it really shows on stage.   

TNYO: Not only are you two great musicians but your also great actors, what kind of research did you put into recreating their personality's and their music?

Mick:   Thanks, I grew up as a Stones fan, and spent a lot of time watching and listening to all of the classics, and countless bootlegs.  I guess you could say
I’Ive been researching all of my life J.  I know Bernie and Mike have similar stories.  We’re all huge Stones fans!

TNYO: The Stones were notorious womanizers from what I have heard and read about them, and musicians always get the girls I would imagine you two guys
clean up in that department:-)

Mick:  Well, there certainly are a lot of beautiful women that come to see the show, but I’Ive been happily married for some time.  I’m very lucky!

TNYO: Where are you guys from?

Mick: The band is based in Philadelphia, and everyone is from the surrounding area.

TNYO: How long have you been doing this act and how long have you been a performing musician?

Mick:  The Glimmer Twins are in their fourth year as a national act, and I’Ive been playing the role of Mick Jagger going on 5 years.  Everyone else in the
band has a long history as a performing musician in various other projects    

TNYO: Wheres your next performance?

Mick:  Next up is Ocean City, MD, and then it’s on to Caribou, ME.  We’Ive been getting around quite a bit lately J

TNYO: whats the most outrageous performance you have been part of in regards to the audience members?

Mick:  In the beginning, we did quite a few club shows, and some of those bordered on outrageous.  It’s always fun interacting with the audience.

TNYO: Do you ever perform and find celebrity's hanging out in the audience?

Mick:  I haven’t noticed anyone yet, but I’m still waiting for Scorcese to show up with a movie script J.  Seriously though, when playing to large audiences like
we do, I’m more focused on the crowd as a whole as opposed to individuals.

TNYO: Does good old Mick Jagger know that you guys are out there performing his music?

Mick: I doubt it, but if he ever saw us, I’d hope that he would think that I do him justice.

TNYO: Well I think you guys are brilliant and I hope to make it out to your next show at Jones Beach, when is that again?

Mick: We’re at Jones Beach on Friday September 2.  We’Ive been looking forward to this one for a while!
There's so many great Stones fans on Long Island!
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