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My work revolves around the use of color as a universal expression of the range of human
emotion.  For me, color is a language unto itself, a language which gives me the freedom to
explore an unlimited number of subjects using my color lens as a starting point
Habib Ayat
Tunisian born artist Habib Ayat has a BA in Art, Literature and Human Sciences from the University of

Habib has drawn much inspiration from his Mediterranean roots, from the bright blues of the rooftops
to the whitewashed walls of homes and the lush green leaves of the olive trees, Habib was moved by
the vibrancy of the colors that filled his world. He grew up on a farm in the countryside but dreamed of
the day he would also be a force in the art world. As a young man, Habib had a passion for art and a
desire to create a new world order through his use of intense color and contemporary impressionistic
techniques. He began working in acrylics and mixed media, and eventually became most passionate
about using color and form as the true subject and the primary vehicle of expressing emotion through
his paintings.
City Scapes NYC
When Habib arrived in New York in the summer of 1999, he was drawn to the Art Student League.
Since the 1800's the League has been known as a Manhattan based mecca for artists, and Habib
began to walk the same hallways as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollack did before him. The influences
of his professors at the Art Student League led to experimentation with color and collage techniques
as Habib's work became more sophisticated in its use of color and texture. Habib lives in the New
York Metropolitan Area in Jersey City, New Jersey which is a hotbed of emerging art activity. Jersey
City is steps away from Manhattan art neighborhoods like SoHo, Tribeca and Chelsea. The Jersey
City Arts community has been very supportive by showcasing his work in numerous group and solo
exhibitions over the years. Habib has established a collector base both in the U.S. and internationally,
including collectors in the U.S., France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. .
John Lennon
Aerial View
Circles Of Life