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Harry Weisburd is now Represented by NEW ART GALLERY,
Portrait of Lorelei with Artist
Commissioned Portrait
New Painting: Title: Woman In Red Dress On The Streets Of
San Francisco With Man With A Book" by Harry Weisburd .
"Suggestive Eroticism" NY ARTS International magazine.
NEW PAINTING : Title: "The Audition" by Harry Weisburd, Member
of The Guild of Erotic Artists, England.
"MAN WITH A CELL PHONE" painting by Harry Weisburd.
Scientists say radiation from using the cell phone too much
cause brain lesions and brain tumors. Cell phone companies
deny this research, just like Philip Morris Cigarette company
denied cigarettes caused lung cancer!
"Museum Art Lesson with Sculpture of Galatea" Painting by Harry Weisburd.
Myths: Galatea was a sculpture created in marble by a sculptor that came ALIVE !
The Lady in Red" wishes everyone a Happy Holiday
Harry Welcomes in the New Year, 2010 , with a painting titled: "Chinese
Dancer Welcomes Chinese New Year 2010, Year of the Tiger"
Happy New Year 2009 "Heres To You"
Harry weisburd
Harry Weisburd is an Internationally Represented Artist, including,
USA, UK, France, Italy and China. He is represented in Beijing,
China,Zezhong Gallery; the Wilkinson Western Gallery, Beijing,
China. In the UK , The Guild of Erotic Artists; the British Museum
of Erotic Art, London, UK; the Saatchi Gallery Online. In France,
by the top Erotic Drawings Website: www.Iris for You Erotic
Drawings from 1900 to the Present, including Gustav Klimt.
Harry is a Figurative, Landscape and Erotic
Artist, in the tradition of Austrian Artists,
Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and French
Artist , Edgar Degas. Harry lives in the
Berkeley ,California...
The Pickup
A versatile artist including , Painting, Sculptor, Drawing and Experimental

I am represented Internationally including in England , The Guild of Erotic Artists,
The British Museum of Erotic Art,London

Wilkinson Western Gallery, Beijing, China
For more info contact, GRACE:

in France on Top Erotic Artists website, drawings from 1900 to Present.
in USA, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California:

Harry wrote a Feature article, "Thoughts on Erotic Art", published in NY ARTS,
International Art magazine, Sept--Oct. 2008, Page 129
Write in name Harry Weisburd Upper left hand corner in BLANK BOX , Click on
"Search "
UP POPS-- FEATURE ARTICLE page with origninal painting by Harry Weisburd ,
"How About A Drink"