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Heidi Russell Presents  
Wen-Chi Chen
Brianed New World

Oil on Canvas,  30” x 40”,  2010
Frog Mask in Midnight Blues

Oil on Canvas,  36” x 36”,  2011
Noh Mask in Midnight Fire

Oil on Canvas,  36” x 36”,  2011
Beauty is the Beast   (“Kembra”)

Oil & Ink on Canvas,  72” x 56”,  2011
Cry Baby  (#Blue)

Oil on Canvas,  40” x 40”,  2012
Cry Baby  (#Pink)

Oil on Canvas,  40” x 40”,  2012
Art is how I communicate with the universe. My work is a process of understanding the true nature of
our existence. They aspire to enter into a free-flowing exchange of dialogues between the seen and
the unseen, the known and the unknown, the real and the surreal. My art ask the same question as the
Taoist masters asked 2400 years ago:

"Is it me dreaming to become a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming to become me?"
~ Chuang Tsu (389-286 BC)

The ambiguity of dreamlike alien landscapes and surreal figures in my paintings challenges the
viewers to explore the connection and disconnection between our inner realm and the greater cosmic
realm. Duality is constantly questioned and blurred in my artwork ~ all things are fragile yet fierce, still
but wild, peaceful yet violent, dream-like but real, private and open, sensual and spiritual, dark yet
pure. I intend to take the viewers into a place where there is no separation or difference, no better or
worse, only oneness.

Is our reality an illusion or our illusion a reality? For me, life in this world is only a shadow cast by the
true world. In the end, we will see nothing but ourselves existing everywhere, in each and every being,
in each and every particle of the universe.
Wen-Chi Chen was born and raised in Taiwan, and has been based in New York for the last twenty
years. An all round artist, she has been a creative and adventurous soul since childhood, actively
involved in painting, performance art, literature, drama, music, fashion/accessory design, and
costume design.

After receiving a B.A. in Literature in Taiwan, Wen-Chi moved to New York to see the world and
pursue a career in art and design. She worked for the legendary fashion designer Bill Blass in the
90's , and then started her own accessory/fine-art jewelry line. At the same time she began designing
costumes for films, TV, and theater. Her work includes costume design for the acclaimed
Oscar-winning director Ang Lee.

Beginning in 1999, Wen-Chi devoted herself to the exploration of a higher purpose for her creative
path. She went on a journey of mind, body, and spirit and became a holistic healer. After practicing
Traditional Chinese medicine and Reiki for over a decade, Wen-Chi's creative inner force deepened
and expanded. In 2010, she realized that it was time to channel her immense artistic energy and
started oil painting.

Selected Exhibits
2012 (Mar. 31) Becoming Other (Celebrate the Women Who Artify), NY Studio Gallery, NY
2012 (Jan. 25) Conception TriBeCa II, Brick Art Event, New York, NY
2011 (Nov. 29) Exhibition TWO: ColorTalk (International Women Artists Salon), Chashama
Gallery 217, New York, NY
2011 (June 24) Hell's Kitchen Art Festival ~ grand opening, Lucky Strike, New York, NY
2011 (April 22) Love, Live & Share, Natsumi Lounge, New York, NY

Wen-Chi's paintings were featured in 'At the Edge' art magazine, 2011

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, 1991
AS, Fashion Design (Dean's List), Accessory Design,

New York College of Traditional Medicine, New York, 2002Master in Health Science & Acupuncture