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"I am intrigued by the personalizing aspect of canvas art with oil
paint and mixed media."
” … Adi Zekcher has come a long way in a short time with a remarkable
number of works created … He utilizes oil, mixed media and collage to
create his unique aesthetic vision, which he defines as Modern Day
Post Impressionism, with clear elements of raw intensity that imbues
his work with a genuine depth of feeling … Prolific in his creative
output. .. “  ~ John A. Cipriano, DJE Fine Art, April 2010, New York
“The artist’s art works are forceful in emoting basic human feelings,
either anger, fear, joy or happiness. In some of his canvas photo-art
all such emotions are beautifully intertwined producing quite an
exquisite work of art.”
~Ambassador Libran N. Cabactulan, Permanent Mission of the Republic of
the Philippines to the United Nations
Artist Adi Zekcher who started to paint almost randomly in January
2007, has finger-painted over 400 canvas works. Based in New York
City, in late June 2011 Zekcher participated with 11 canvas works in
the Hell’s Kitchen Art Festival, curated by Mr. Michael Felber. In May
2011 Zekcher exhibited 9 works, as part of a group show “Jazz, Zen and
Graduation” in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, curated by Ms. Dorothy
Krakauer. In November 2010 Zekcher held a third solo exhibit Theme and
Variations, New York Exhibit Opus III (selection of 45 works), which
was hosted by the Ambassador of the Philippines to the United Nations,
H. E. Ambassador Cabactulan. Previously, Zekcher exhibited at the Lava
World Music Lounge at the East Village, NY in January 2010, an exhibit
curated by Chris Pollock, and also “Eleven Days – Selection of 11
works” which exhibited at the United Nations Building for 14 month
duration, between April 2008 and June 2009.
Heidi Russell Presents
Adi Zekcher