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Fan-Funded Album “ONE UP” Released

August 4, 2011 (New York, NY) – Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt
has released her third self-produced album
entitled “ONE UP” which is available now on
iTunes,, several other online stores and at her website Even days
after the May 17th release, tracks off the record were heard on a promo ad for ABC Family’s new hit series “Switched At Birth” as well as in stores like

ONE UP, a piano-based pop/rock record, was entirely funded through fans’ donations and was recorded over the course of 2010. Engelhardt claims
this project was “to create music that I needed to hear, whether to lift me up, cry to, or just change the mood. I played around with different styles and
sounds and I’m now sure where I’m headed as an artist and musician.” The tracks were reengineered earlier this year in advance of the album release
and include a live orchestra in addition to performances by Cheryl’s band.

Of the record, Bree Noble, founder of Women of Substance Radio, sums it up best in her personal letter to Cheryl:

“I just got done listening to your whole album. I have been completely swamped with music here, so I thought I'd never have time. But, once I started
listening I had to keep going. I remembered your songs Keep and 16 Walls that we played a lot in the past and still have in our library. They were very
good songs, but this album is on another plane. I am so impressed by the balance you have achieved here between pop and artsy, between uplifting
and honest. Listening to this album is better than drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee (that's saying a lot for me)!  It lifted my mood, enlivened my spirit
and warmed my soul. You have a real gem on your hands and I think you can get a lot of TV and film placements out of these songs. And you are
welcome to quote me on any of this. I don't often send personal reviews like this unless I really like something.”

Cheryl is currently planning performances across the USA with hopes to make it to the UK in the fall. She is also the new host of the world-famous Song
Circle (formally NY Songwriters Circle) held monthly at the Bitter End in Manhattan. Follow Cheryl on Twitter at or on Facebook at

About Cheryl

After graduating from Cornell and spending several months SCUBA diving for the United States Geological Survey, she landed a job at a New York City
commercial editing house which led to her next job at a jingle composing studio. There, Cheryl started first as a technology assistant, then as a
composer and music supervisor, writing music for Fortune 500 companies’ commercials. During this time, her love of performing took over and while
working in the ad industry, she put together her band and recorded her first album, “Shoes Off And Run”, in 2004, which won her VH1 and Billboard
Songwriting awards as well as the Unsigned Artist of the Month in Keyboard Magazine.

Cheryl released her sophomore album, “Craving The Second”, in September 2007 with the marque singles “16 Walls” and “Keep”. Both songs have
appeared on MTV’s “The Real World”, and “Keep” was heard in several episodes of ABC’s “All My Children.” Cheryl has also toured through the USA
and Europe, and has appeared on the bill with Seal, Elvis Costello and Jason Mraz in addition to appearing on the FOX Morning Show.  Cheryl also
started speaking about being an independent musician, business woman and creating a career you love at colleges and music conferences like SXSW.

In May 2011, the piano-toting virtuoso released her third album “One Up”, which features a combination of upbeat pop songs and edgy anthems. This
record was funded by fans and is already playing on an ABC Family promo ad, Pandora Radio, and in stores like Anthropologie. Cheryl is prepping for
an extensive tour with her band while living in Harlem and writing music for ads, trailers and films. More information at

A personal message from Cheryl:
Hey there person on the other side of the screen. Thanks for checking out my site and music. I'm tickled pink to be able to share it with you. I remember
playing the piano while cartoons were on mute when I was a kid, trying to make music to match the purple elephant's heavy steps, or the little fairies
flying around, or the bouncing gummy bears. Those days at the piano haven't changed much except that I'm now writing music to sing to. After some
recent time of feeling sort of lost in the world, I started writing songs that would cheer me up. I wrote the record I needed to hear. That's what "One Up"
is to me.

So the story goes: I started playing the piano at age 3, was a total ham in grade school (I would practically force my little sister to perform musicals I
wrote in our backyard), and then I went to Cornell to study biology and ecology, with a double major in music. My first job out of school was doing
SCUBA diving research for the United States Geological Survey. While saying "I dive for the government" sounds fairly badass, looking for mussels in
the Delaware River was far from glamorous. I also really missed my piano. So when the river got too cold and we went on a break, I found myself in
Rome, Italy, writing music for a web site. And thus began my music career. From freelance indie film composing to picking up side jobs (like personal
training and bouncing at a bar, for reals), I was lucky enough to land a job at one of New York's finest editing houses, Crew Cuts.... as a messenger.
Loved it, learned a lot. Fast forward one more year to getting hired as an assistant tech at the top notch jingle house, BigFoote Music. This led to
opportunities to compose for commercials. All this time in New York, I thought, "hey, if I had a record, I could pitch my songs to these ads." So I joined a
few bands to "see how it was done", learn the ropes and, pretty soon, met enough musicians to form my own band. Before long, "Shoes Off And Run"
was born. The second child, "Craving The Second" popped out and now we are celebrating the arrival of "One Up". (These are albums, people, not
actual names of children.)

Where am I now? Well, sitting at my computer, possibly in the country, possibly in my Harlem studio, in between working on a few freelance composing
jobs and getting charts ready for my next full band rehearsal. Or maybe I'm booking the next tour to Switzerland, or scheduling the next orchestra
recording session. Either way, I'm really loving life and I'm so grateful that you want to listen to the products that come out of it.

For fun, here are some facts you will never need to know about me:

1. I'm left-handed.
2. I have a hard time keeping most houseplants alive.
3. I have a strange love for fish (live ones only).
4. I have a strange love for Skittles.
5. I adore "The Princess Bride" - the book, right next to book 3 of Harry Potter.
6. I've been told that for being 5'9 and 3/4", my size 8 tootsies are too small and I should be teeter-tottering all over the place.
7. I try to recycle everything and get really pissed off by litter.
8. I'd rather watch TV than a movie.
Heidi Russell Presents
Cheryl B Engelhardt