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I go for walks alone with my camera and open eyes.
Turn one degree in a new direction and everything
changes. Nothing is ever the same. The vast complexity
is attentively considered within the frame. It’s a
collaboration of the human eye, the camera and the

Made and experienced in solitude, yet one cannot
solely own or control the making of a work of art. The
ancient Greeks defined the muses as entities that
visited if the artist was lucky enough to be blessed with
inspiration and clarity. But an artist's sense of
ownership or pride sends them running as quickly as
they arrived. Best to practice daily and remain open
and humble. The rest takes care of itself.
Heidi Russell Presents
Erin Koch
Photography is a way of concentrating ones’ identity entirely
within the eye. Sometimes, the image comes right away and
all the other shots are unnecessary. Other times, the photo
remains aloof until I warm to the field of vision.  I try to drop
concepts and ideas that I might rest in the abstract field of
color, light, shape, texture and space

There is no end to the visual variation of water. Like a mirror,
it reflects whatever is near. It changes with the temperature
from ice to cloud. It dazzles in the light, is home to life, makes
the plants grow. It gathers in the low spots and moves with
the direction of the land. It refreshes, soothes, and cleanses.
“The best, like water, benefit all and do not compete. They
dwell in lowly spots that everyone else scorns. Putting others
before themselves, they find themselves in the foremost place.
In their dwelling, they love the earth; in their heart, they love
what is deep; in personal relationships, they love kindness; in
their words, they love the truth; in the world, they love peace;
in personal affairs, they love what is right; in action, they love
choosing the right time. It is because they do not compete with
others that they are beyond the reproach of the world.”

~ Lao Tzu
Erin Koch currently lives in Croton On Hudson, NY. She has
been painting and taking photos for twenty years. She earned
her BA from the Evergreen State College in Washington and
studied for three years at the New York Studio School under
Graham Nickson. She has taught art through Studio in a
School in NYC, the Experience Art Project in Seattle, worked
at the New York Foundation for the Arts and has been an
artist studio assistant for the sculptor Martin Puryear.  She
currently works as an event coordinator for the Garrison
Institute, a contemplative retreat center.
Please visit her
website at

Erin is showing her photos at the Artist Palate in
Poughkeepsie, NY through Nov 27, 2011.

She is also showing a watercolor and a photograph as part of
the digital display in the “The Value of Water” exhibition at St.
John the Divine in NYC through March of 2012.