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“Consciousness Convergence  20”x16”   Mixed media, collage on gesso board  2011
"Cosmic Queen" 18”x14”
Mixed media, collage with acrylic on canvas panel 2010  
"The process of doing a collage is like putting a together a puzzle to tell a new story. Things shift and
symbols merge. Everything is relative and nothing at all. When I paint on the surface things start peering
though and become more in focus. The story keeps shifting as it processes little bits by bit. The new
meaning grows like a energy force. It has its own life. There are multitudes of things that inspire me.
Movement, Metaphysics, thoughts, illusion, dreams, spirit, symbols, space, design, desires and the
world around me. Often I work with a theme, but sometimes the pieces are motivated by pure visual
sensation. Many times the work becomes a storyboard of feelings that depicts what I want to create in
life and some are simply for fun. Early on, I decided to have no guidelines and therefore no mistakes
could be made. It’s a new space of unknown territory. My art is a conversation of self, dreams, spirit
and discovery."  
~ Meg Graham 2011
"Jova in Wonderland"  18” x14” Mixed media, collage with acrylic on canvas panel 2010    
Meg Graham's earlier studies focused on Graphic Design and Illustration. She studied at Rhode Island
School of Design for drawing and Graphic Design summer of 1979 and she spent the foundations year
at The School of Visual Arts 1979-1980.Later she began focusing her work towards Fine Art with
painting and drawing. Her first exhibit was a one woman show in her loft in 1987 of her oil paintings.
Meg has been involved with different art organizations and in steering committees though the years.
Exhibiting her work with these organizations from 1991-2001. From 2007-2009 she explored working
with film and animation. Using Photoshop and found images she did a series of videos titled; Art as
Meditation. In 2009 she began an art journal to get back into her painting from doing film. This
transformed into the Mixed Media work with collage paintings she does today.

Meg Graham’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows in art galleries, art foundations,
cultural centers and corporations coast to coast in the United States. She has lived and worked in
Chelsea in New York City since 1985.
"Sea of Love"    18”x14”   Mixed media, collage with acrylic on canvas panel 2010   
"Shangrala Reprise"  18”x14”   Mixed media, collage with acrylic on canvas panel 2010  
You are invited to see Ms. Graham's work live at the following two exhibitions:
Heidi  Russell presents:  MEG
"Sunspot"  18”x14”  Mixed media, collage with acrylic on canvas panel 2010